Barbie Club Chelsea Doll and Choo-Choo Train

  • Let your imagination take you wherever your they lead you by using Chelsea doll, two pets, and a choo-choo train with the lead automobile for Chelsea doll, as well as two smaller cars, perfect for animals!
  • The train entices children by using vibrant shades of pink: the pink train car features an blue roof, teal grill as well as a red steam spout. yellow wheels that actually roll. The two smaller cars have functioning wheels that are blue in hues
  • Connect and unplug the cars for an adventure. Chelsea dolls can drive the train. Each animal can be a passenger in the car.
  • The puppy in yellow along with the kitten in gray are adorable with their playful facial expressions as well as riding pose.
  • Chelsea dolls is wearing a conductor-inspired outfit that features white and blue stripes. There’s also pockets at the back of her dress that has the train’s decal. White shoes and a pink hairband that is securing hair tie complete her style.

Take a ride on this choo choo train for a ride to excitement with Chelsea doll as well as her two furry companions – a kitten and a puppy – who each carry a cart to keep pace to Chelsea doll. The imagination can tell a variety of stories with this vibrant train as well as two cargo cars equipped with wheels. Press to start the fun rolling. Chelsea dolls can ride on the train and The cars are a ideal size for pets. Both the kitten and puppy are ready for the ride with their perched poses and adorable expressions. Animal enthusiasts will have a lot of pleasure playing while sending these animals to their loved ones around the world. Chelsea doll is wearing the blue and white stripes dress that has train decals to show her love of trains. Pink shoes in white and an off-white band in her ponytail make the outfit complete. Take these besties on a journey of a lifetime and discover that you can do everything with Barbie! You can collect the other Chelsea toys and other accessories, to expand your knowledge of the world, and discover new destinations to explore (each sold in a separate package and subject to availability). This set comes with a Chelsea doll train car two cargo vehicles as well as a puppy and an adorable kitten figure. The color and the decorations could differ.