Barbie Splish Splash Pup Playset


  • Dash the day away with this Barbie
  • Area the dog right into the bathtub as well as utilize the trademark style squeeze bottle to obtain the puppy sudsy
  • Utilize the puppy’s towel to dry her pet dog
  • Animal enthusiasts will wish to wash this little dog over and over again
  • Barbie doll is adorable in a patterned top and also denim shorts with headband device

Sprinkle the day away with this Barbie play set that features Barbie doll, animal bathtub and cute pup who can actually shake things up! When it’s bath time, position the puppy into the tub and also use the signature style capture container– full of your personal soap as well as water– to obtain the puppy sudsy. Then lower on the pup’s back for an absolutely wow moment! The charming puppy shakes and trembles and also rotates her tail– much like a genuine young puppy! Pour water over the puppy to wash her off, and also aid Barbie doll utilize the pup’s towel to dry her family pet. Animal enthusiasts will certainly want to clean this little canine over as well as over once again. Barbie doll is cute in a patterned top as well as denim shorts with headband device. An animal brush as well as towel add much more grooming enjoyable. Consists of Barbie doll putting on styles and also devices, young puppy with activity feature, capture bottle, towel as well as pet dog brush. Doll can not stand alone. Shades and decors could differ.