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Looking for Barbie Doll Camper? Browse through our marvelous collection of Doll camper vans and get it delivered quickly. Doll cars are fun toys to play with. Your kid will enjoy playing with the Barbie Doll Cars. Taking the dolls out for ride and picnics. It benefits to play an outing story. You will be amazed to find some exclusive collection of the camper cars we have in store for you.


The material of the Barbie Doll Caravans is non-toxic and made of plastic material In The Light Of. Thus, it is entirely safe for your toddler to play with.

How the Barbie Doll Camper looks like:

Well, we have a 3-storey vehicle toy which includes a 2-seater camper vehicle. Moreover, the seats include the seat belt.

Furthermore, the back entrance is convertible cooking area with refrigerator, sink, stove, as well as the cooktop. Certainly, these playroom will succor the creativity of your kid allowing it to divulge into cooking creativity.

Besides, the other features include a camper rooftop dining area. Startlingly, this section includes 2 chairs, a small table where the dolls can dine. For sure, we have the replacement parts of chairs for this pop-up camper.

Above and beyond, the front taxi cab can converted into a washroom area comprising washbasin. A toilet-seat, and includes toiletries. It becomes fun to narrate different stories.

The most attractive feature is the cute little dual bed. Agreeably, this allows the fast siesta for the Barbie in the adventurous journey.

The rear portion of this pop-up camper with an extra tire can expose to a fire pit.

It has an impressive blue glider which can placed to slide to reach to other floors and play areas of the vehicle.

Irrefutably, the Barbie Doll pop-up camper is an amazing fun toy to play with Therefore. It recreates the scenes for playing an exciting story In The Light Of. Barbie as well as her friends in the great camping adventure, can inform tales of their excursions.