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My daughter loves playing with the Barbie dolls and I am so much glad I bought 2 doll sets from this website for her – a bakery shop playset and picnic accessories set and now she is so much delighted and over the moon playing with these amazing cute toys with her friends and siblings.
Thanks to this opportune website to provide these fun toys for kids and yes am gratified to receive it timely to gift on her birthday.
Thank you for the discounts too! 5 stars undeniably!!

Robert L. Miranda / Chicago, IL

My first expression when I received the Barbie doll Malibu dream house set was like Oh my Goodness! I was so gleeful to gift it to my niece as I am very close to her and now she loves me more. She often sends her video playing this and I am like it’s worth the money seeing her happiness abound. Thank you so much I am looking forward to buy some more accessories too.

Daniel J. Switzer / Benton, IL

I have twins – a girl and a boy. My boy loves superheroes and voila I got it from this website for him a superman, batman and a ken doll male Barbie dolls for him and a doctor play set for my girl and they both just love frolicking with them. It’s actually so much fun watching them play and fantasize with these amazing dolls.Super fab purchase! Head over heels. Can’t resist to give 5 stars. Super discounts and perfect packing.

Ann R. Smith / Jackson, MS

about us

Our website Barbie collectible is exceptional in all aspects. We not only offer you the dolls but also avail you with numerous range of accessories and play sets. The Barbie collectible is the perfect place to shop for any Barbie doll essentials. Right from a kid of 6 months to 10 years, we have huge collection of Barbie sets for all.

Why Barbie?

The Barbie is the first friend of your children. The Barbie dolls are their partner in mischief, loneliness or enjoyment. Your children will be so thankful to you for these wonderful gifts. In case you are unaware, they have longing for the Barbie dolls. Certainly, they have all the right to enjoy their carefree salad days.

Barbie benefits!

Not to mention, the Barbie doll teaches them interaction and enhances their creativity to the fullest. Furthermore, it introduces them to different careers and even make them realize their inherent talents. By playing with Barbie doll play sets, they can actually fantasize the real world scenario and can play different stories. The cute miniature accessories will teach them sense of responsibility while mesmerizing them with cuteness. It can make them bond together with kith and kin. Sharing and caring values can also be learnt as Barbie is an innocent doll.

What we have- barbie collectible!

Well, we have widespread array of Barbie make and female dolls, superhero collection, the super hero collection, and play sets. Besides, we have dream houses, camper cars, clothes and even furniture. All of our products are non-toxic and made with kid-friendly paints. As well as, we also take precise care while we deliver it to you.

What’s the deal?

The deal is that don’t let your child deprive of the Barbie doll collectible. These are some amusing toy sets for making their childhood memorable. We agree that you must be looking for the discounts. As a result, we bring you tempting discounts and massive offers occasionally.

Our services!

Barbie collectible is a successful venture only due to the cordial staff as well as expert delivery boys. We are here to help you to choose the best Barbie collectible for your children. We immaculately deliver the product at your doorstep in particular time.

Best sellers – barbie collectible

Our bestseller collectible are the Barbie doll play sets and the dream house. But we keep updating our collection with the trending toys.

What’s more?

The Barbie collectibles are an educational and entertaining toys. These hone the skills of your child along with showbiz. The Barbie fans love to spend time grooming, talking, role-playing with the Barbie. Let your kid be extrovert and not just a couch potato or a techie.

Why barbie collectible?

We have the latest Barbie collectibles for you. It is an attractive assortment including simple Barbie to the rainbow sets. Additionally, we are available anytime of the day to process your orders. We promise you safe deliveries. Even we have expertise in timely deliveries. WYSIWYG-What you see is what you get. We follow a customer-oriented policy and provide you the exact product which you see on our website. Our Barbie collectibles are made of kid-friendly materials. So be worry-free. Have a nice experience buying and playing.