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Your wait for Barbie Doll Car is finally over. We bring you the awesome range of Doll cars for your tiny tots to play with. Your children must be excited to drive the dolls in the cars. It’s thrilling to see the Barbie and her partner go for a ride together. So, browse and buy these exclusive Barbie Doll Car and watch your child’s enjoyment.

How the Barbie Doll Car looks like:

Well, it’s an open 2-seater cruiser with shiny metallic wheels as well as painted with exceptional pink color outside. The beach cruiser jeep is ideal to travel along the road near the sporty coastline. Moreover, it consists of Barbie and Ken dolls. These are attired with sporty costumes. Thus, they are all set for entertaining in the sun. Besides, you can take them both alfresco and have pleasure playing.

Barbie Convertible and Doll Pack:

Needless to say the doll toy car looks stunning with sparkling pink color and silvery accents. This 2-seater automobile has black indoor seats with safety belt. Furthermore, it includes Barbie seats upholstered and tagged with glamour and style. The Barbie doll is dressed in a pink frock with white print. Also, its wearing pink shoes and sunglasses for the perfect bright sunny drive. The tires of the car are all set to hit the trail.

With this trendy automobile, Barbie doll could set rolling into all styles of stories due to the fact that with Barbie, everything is possible! Additionally, it consists of Barbie doll wearing style and accessories. Even, the black interior seats make a statement with seat belts for real-world experience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Well, yes, these Barbie Doll Cars are the most coveted toys. So, grab the opportunity. Buy without hassle from us. We deliver immaculately and timely at your doorstep.