Barbie Pop Reveal Doll & Accessories, Strawberry Lemonade Scent with Pink Hair, 8 Surprises Include Slime & Squishy Puppy

  • With 8 shocks in a single bundle, Barbie Pop Uncover Natural product Series dolls convey a tactile unpacking experience with organic product topic fun!
  • Kids eliminate the external layer of bundling, open the cup and take out the unexpected packs, then, at that point, screw the cover back on and pop the top with the straw-like part of delivery soft, pink Ooze over the ice 3D shapes!
  • Unpack to find a strawberry lemonade-scented and posable Barbie doll, a soft and scented pet doggy and extras that match the organic product flavor subject!
  • Find extra pieces inside the ice solid shapes that, truth be told “pop” open, similar to a soft small scale drink and roller-skates for Barbie doll – – use for capacity or rehash uncovers!
  • Barbie doll has long, pink hair and accompanies natural product themed shorts and a matching scented, soft pet for narrating fun!
  • Utilize frigid virus water to uncover the doll’s splendid hair streak and face cosmetics and warm water to change back for a recurrent variety change shock!
  • Barbie Pop Uncover Natural product Series dolls make an incredible gift for youngsters 3 years and more seasoned, particularly the people who love tangible tomfoolery!

Barbie Pop Uncover dolls offer an unpacking experience loaded up with eight tactile astonishments! Which doll will you uncover? Open up the beverage cup-roused bundling to track down one of four flavors in the Natural product Series – – strawberry lemonade, fruit juice, watermelon squash or grape bubble. Open the top and eliminate the unexpected packs, then, at that point, pop the top and watch bright Ooze trickle down over the ice 3D shapes that hold embellishments inside. Children can take the soft Ooze out for entertainment only, tactile play. Then, pop the ice 3D squares to find roller skates and a soft little beverage piece. The ice 3D shapes are reusable – – rehash the pop uncover fun and once more! Kids continue to unpack to find a natural product scented design doll, a soft and scented pet, style piece and embellishments. Each Pop Uncover Barbie doll is posable with variety change hair and cosmetics. Children will need to gather them all! Each doll sold independently, dependent upon accessibility. Dolls can’t remain solitary. Varieties and adornments might change.