Barbie Mermaid Doll, “Malibu” with Pink Hair, Styling Accessories, Pet Dolphin and Water-Activated Color Change Feature

  • Children will cherish jumping into enchanted “tails” of experience with their Barbie mermaid doll, roused by the show Barbie A Dash of Sorcery!
  • Planned with wonderful detail from head to balance, Barbie “Malibu” doll has 7.5-inch-long pink hair that children can brush out, style, and rehash for perpetual tomfoolery.
  • Change around her search for any experience with a variety change! Plunge Barbie doll into frigid virus water to see her hair, bodice, and tail become purple.
  • Plunge her in warm water to see her change back to her unique bubblegum pink look, then, at that point, remember the change over and over.
  • Sea themed adornments flash creative mind! Spruce up Barbie with a headband, choker, and flower neckband, then play out experiences with her little dolphin companion!

This mermaid Barbie doll changes recess into unadulterated enchantment with her variety change highlights! As though captivated by undersea powers, the mermaid’s really lengthy hair, etched bodice, and ombre tail abandon bubblegum pink to energetic purple and back once more. Barbie “Malibu” accompanies styling frill, a brush, and a cute pet, making her a fantastical toy for youngsters ages 3 years of age and up! Doll can’t swim or remain solitary. Varieties and improvements might change.