Barbie DHB19 Careers Veterinarian Doll, African-American


  • Be anything with Barbie career dolls!
  • Barbie pet vet doll prepares to look after her puppy individual clothed in a medical professional’s layer, pants as well as a top
  • A matching stethoscope will certainly aid her provide her animal person an exam
  • Collect all the Barbie profession dolls to expand the expert narration enjoyable
  • What do you wish to be when you mature?

Try out a variety of professions with Barbie doll because she knows you can be anything! From navigating the skies to skating on ice, from health and wellness care to family pet care, from emergency situation reaction to cooking arts, Barbie doll’s profession ambitions recognize no bounds. Consists of Barbie family pet veterinarian doll wearing occupation fashion and stethoscope, plus puppy patient.