Barbie Chelsea Cutie Reveal Small Doll & Accessories, Brunette with Teddy Bear Costume, 6 Surprises (Styles May Vary)

  • With six surprises packed into one package Barbie’s adorable Reveal Chelsea dolls provide the most adorable unboxing experience, complete with soft Cozy Cute Tees Series animal friends, styles and transformative delight!
  • Unbox to discover a plush pink cub from a teddy bear sporting a sewn-on t-shirt with the Chelsea doll within.
  • The costume head can be lifted to reveal the Chelsea small doll that has long brunette hair that is pink and streaked with pink the twinkle-shine face shape details.
  • Explore the 3 bags to find fashionable accessories, such as satin skirts, a pair of shoes and an adorable mini Teddy.
  • Kids can dress up and dress and Cutie Chelsea dolls by turning the costume’s top to uncover a luxurious and large fleece jacket that has adorable fashion prints. The costume head transforms into a bed for your little pet to sleep on!
  • Make use of cold, icy water to open and close the teddy eyes of the bear. Refresh the eyes using warm water. Repeat this process again and more!
  • Chelsea Cutie Reveal Cozy Cute Tees Series dolls make an excellent gift for children aged 3-7 years old particularly those who enjoy finding adorable unexpected things!