Barbie in Inline Skating Outfit The Movie Exclusive

  • A CLASSIC SKATING LOOK Recreate the iconic skater’s look of Barbie The Movie with this collectible doll.
  • RETRO-INSPIRED LEOTARD Doll wears an eye-catching leotard, layered over the biker shorts in electric pink for an elegant and sporty look.
  • Neon Green Skate Gear: It comes with neon knee pads, elbow pads as well as Impala skates inline for the authentic experience of skating.
  • AFFECTORIZED HAIR Barbie’s trademark blond hair sparkles with a fiery bright pink headband and neon green Hoop earrings.
  • COLLECTIBLE packaging: Posable doll is in unique Barbie The Movie packaging, ideal for collectors and fans.

This unique Barbie doll is a hit with her inline skate costume right out of Barbie The Movie. She is dressed in a bright leotard that has the most stunning pink visor as well as matching biker shorts and neon Impala skates. It is made to look like Barbie in the film. This doll makes an ideal gift for movie buffs and collectors as well.