Barbie Collector Divergent Tris Doll

  • Based upon the smash hit bestselling manual series as well as movie, Divergent
  • Motivated through Shailene Woodley as Tris
  • Dauntless training outfit consisted of a long-sleeve tee shirt along with “leather” boards, matching trousers as well as brief coiled shoes
  • Her tattoo with three ravens representing the three member of the family she left
  • A should have for any sort of Barbie Collector or Divergent follower


  • The future belongs to those that understand where they are part of. In the future, society is partitioned right into 5 factions, each based on a details individual market value: Sincerity (the honest), Abnegation (the generous), Amity (the quiet), Erudite (the smart) and also Dauntless (the take on). At a certain grow older, every person should opt to either remain in their childbirth team or transfer to a brand-new one, for a lifestyle far from friends and family. Yet when Tris Prior discovers she’s “Different” and doesn’t suit any sort of one faction, she’ll begin an experience from personal discovery and also, with help from a strange fella called “4”, will certainly uncover a conspiracy theory to eliminate all those like her.