Barbie Chelsea Doll & Unicorn Toy Car, Blonde Small Doll in Removable Skirt, Pet Puppy, Sticker Sheet & Accessories

  • Stir things up around town and find narrating undertakings with a 6-inch Chelsea doll, her pet little dog and their delightful, unicorn-roused vehicle!
  • The sweet vehicle includes an open-top, moving wheels, a unicorn hood trimming and a rainbow decoration tail.
  • Utilize the sticker sheet to tweak the ride, then, at that point, seat Chelsea doll and her little dog inside and take it for a twist!
  • Chelsea doll is prepared for any experience in a unicorn-themed shaped top, removeable splash-color skirt, shimmering shoes and charming pink shades.
  • With such countless sweet subtleties, this Chelsea doll and vehicle playset makes an extraordinary gift for 3 to long term olds.

Youthful minds will find unending recess prospects when they hit the road with Chelsea doll and her pet pup in their charming, unicorn-enlivened vehicle! With space for Chelsea doll and her little guy, the super-charming vehicle includes an open top, a glittery white body and purple trim. Fantastical last little details incorporate a gleaming unicorn hood trimming and rainbow decoration tail. Children can utilize the included sticker sheet to tweak Chelsea doll’s ride, then seat the buddies inside and take them on a wide range of undertakings! With such countless sweet subtleties, this Chelsea playset makes an incredible toy for 3 to long term olds. Doll can’t remain solitary. Tones and enhancements might shift.