Barbie Careers Pet Vet Playset

  • Women will love discovering careers with Barbie
  • Featuring iconic outfits with the best devices
  • Barbie is dressed to excite and all set to get the job done
  • Consists of Barbie doll, person as well as career-themed accessories
  • Collect all your favorite Barbie Profession dolls

Explore new occupations in depth with the Barbie Careers total play sets! From medication to teaching, these concentrated females make anything feasible! The Barbie Careers Full Play Family pet Veterinarian set will certainly drive animal enthusiasts wild! It features both a cute white kitty and also sweet yellow puppy as clients. Place them on the exam table with its x-ray graph that moves backwards and forwards to disclose the clients’ scans. Barbie doll can consider them in the range that presents their weight, then examine their vitals with the stethoscope. Once a diagnosis is made, women can help her carry out medication to make everybody feel better. Dressed in a satiny pink physicians’ layer as well as charming capri pants, Barbie the pet veterinarian is ready to accomplish her profession dreams. Girls will love checking out the area of veterinary scientific research with this purr-fect collection. Consists of Barbie doll wearing career style, assessment table with “working” x-ray chart, one kitty, one pup, stethoscope and medication. Doll can not stand alone. Ages 3 and older. * Call based on change.Features: o The Barbie Careers Full Play Animal Veterinarian collection will drive pet enthusiasts wild!o It comes with both a cute white kitty and sweet yellow young puppy as patients.o Location them on the assessment table with its x-ray chart that glides backwards and forwards to reveal the people’ scans.o Weigh them in the scale that notes their weight, and also examine their vitals with the stethoscope.o Once a medical diagnosis is made, women can assist Barbie doll provide medicine.o Worn a satiny pink doctors’ layer as well as adorable capri pants, Barbie the pet veterinarian will certainly attain her career dreams.

From the Maker

Check out new careers in depth with the Barbie Careers total play sets. From medicine to teaching, these concentrated women nurture as well as care for all kind of little charges, opening a world of opportunities. Using renowned outfits with the ideal pieces required to execute their job, these dolls are not just dressed to thrill however all set to do the job. Select from a young child doctor or elementary school teacher. Each set features one Barbie doll, a big device (like an assessment table or blackboard), a themed piece-count (consisting of items like a stethoscope or globe) and a little charge (like a patient or a student). Each sold individually, check out every one of your preferred professions with Barbie.

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