Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Barbie and Bicycle Playset

  • Experience the excitement of the brand-new movie Barbie and also Her Sisters in The Wonderful Young Puppy Experience with this Barbie doll, bicycle and also pet dog set that lets followers develop exciting movement with a simple push!
  • Simply push the bike onward, and also Barbie doll really pedals while the pet dogs spin and also ride on their skateboards so they all move with each other!
  • Merely area Barbie doll on the bike seat and also clip her feet and hands into the pedals and handlebars; location the mom dog on the huge skateboard; and placed her young puppy on the little one.
  • Press ahead to see Barbie doll pedal, the mom pet dog skate onward as well as the pup skateboard in circle her mommy -awesome activity!
  • Barbie doll uses her “hero” attire seen in the flick: a flower tunic and also blue plastic pants (non-removable) with black boots and a pink safety helmet.
  • The bicycle is just as fashionable created in pink and blue with silvery handlebars with two skateboard accessories for lots of young puppy skateboard-riding enjoyable!
  • Recreate your preferred scenes from the film or tell brand-new young puppy tales!
  • Experience the excitement as Barbie as well as her pets pursue a stroll ^ Push the bike ahead to watch Barbie pedal and the canines proceed their skateboards. ^ Includes Barbie doll wearing fashion and also devices ^ Bike with skateboard attachment ^ Tiffany pet dog as well as one pup ^ Doll can not stand alone

Experience the exhilaration of the brand-new movie Barbie as well as Her Siblings in The Wonderful Young Puppy Adventure with this Barbie doll, pups as well as bicycle established that lets followers produce interesting spinning activity with simple push motion! With two animals consisted of for the trip, Barbie doll is off on her next big journey, just like in the flick! As the bike is pressed ahead, Barbie doll actually pedals as well as the dogs relocate with her on their skateboards. One pet dog even rotates around the various other -so enjoyable! To obtain the action began, area Barbie doll on the bicycle seat and clip her feet and also hands right into the pedals and handlebars; location the mom canine on the large skateboard; as well as put her puppy on the youngster. Then press onward and see them all move together -wow! Barbie doll’s legs really pedal while the mother canine skateboards forward and also the pup skateboards in circle her mom on her own skateboard -it’s overall enjoyable, interesting movement and also sensible bike-riding activity! Barbie doll is ready for journey in her “hero” clothing seen in the film: a floral tunic and also blue plastic pants (non-removable) with boots as well as a pink headgear for safety and security, certainly! Barbie doll’s bicycle is just as fashionable developed in pink as well as teal with silvery handlebars. Recreate preferred scenes from the flick or inform brand-new puppy tales with this magnificent collection that records the adventurous action -every person rides with each other! Includes Barbie doll using style and also accessories (including headgear), bike with 2 skateboard attachments, mommy dog as well as one pup. Doll can not ride alone. Shades and also decorations might differ.

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