Barbie Pizza Chef Doll & Playset, Toy Oven & Counter with Sliding Conveyer Belt, Molds, 3 Dough Colors & Accessories

  • Concoct fun with a pizza play set that accompanies Barbie doll, a broiler with innovative working elements and every one of the fixings to make, ‘prepare’ and serve pizza, including three unique shades of mixture!
  • Utilize the included batter – – white, beige and red – – to make pizza in a couple, simple tasks: place the beige and red mixture into the pizza press and smooth for the pizza hull and sauce; move it along the transport line by sliding the switch
  • At the point when it’s ‘heated’ sufficiently long, slide it out with the pizza slider and cut it up with the slicer!
  • Utilize the spatula to serve cuts on the 2 green plates or send the entire pie out in a pizza box!
  • Take requests and installment at the register that sits on the counter under the menu.
  • Store frill in the rack beneath the transport line or the small ice chest underneath the counter – – the entryway opens and closes!

Barbie pizza gourmet specialist doll is prepared to concoct fun with a pizza place play set, three shades of batter and frill that let kids make their own doll-sized pizzas! Youthful foodies can press the mixture, add ‘sauce’ and ‘cheddar,’ then, at that point, cut and serve – – whenever they’ve gathered installment at the register, obviously! A sliding transport line keeps the food and minds continuing on this pizza producer. Begin with the beige batter and the tomato-hued mixture: utilize the pizza press to level a pizza outside and sauce on the transport container. Slide the belt switch and the pizza along until it rests under the cheddar grater. Add ‘cheddar’ utilizing the white mixture: press into the shredder and when the grater is gotten into position, turn the hand wrench to sprinkle the fixing onto the pizza. Then move the switch once more and slide the pizza into the stove with its red hot background. At the point when you believe it’s finished, utilize the pizza slider to move the pizza onto its skillet and cut it up with the pizza slicer. Serve a cut up on a plate (there are two) or spot it in the pizza box for take-out. Three beverage choices – – that fit on Barbie doll’s hand – – are extra-fun elements for play. Store extras in the smaller than expected refrigerator beneath the counter; a rack added to the repertoire adds extra room. Barbie pizza gourmet specialist doll is prepared to present her best pizza wearing a pizza-themed white top, a pink and white really look at skirt, a green cover, pink shoes and a pink cap. With such countless tomfoolery elements and pieces, this pizza place play set offers the entire day play and a universe of investigation in light of the fact that with Barbie, you can be anything! Incorporates Barbie doll wearing pizza culinary specialist style and frill, pizza joint with stations and working elements, three shades of mixture and themed pieces that incorporate utensils and a register. Doll can’t remain solitary. Varieties and enhancements might fluctuate.

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