Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom Princess Doll, Pink

  • Take this Barbie figurine’s hair coming from lengthy to even longer as well as back once more for limitless hairstyling exciting!
  • This Barbie princess doll off the Unlimited Hair Kingdom comes with pair of broad hair extensions that break in to create extra-long hair!
  • Unique scissors “cut” the wigs off to lessen– again and again once more!
  • A comb and two vibrant hair devices add to the styling– as well as narration– exciting!
  • Barbie little princess doll is ready for any type of royal affair in a pink as well as violet skirt along with lace-like peplum and matching pink shoes


  • Unlimited Designing Opportunities in the Unlimited Hair Kingdom


  • Barbie Longest Locks Doll hails from the Limitless Hair Empire, where limitless possibilities exist for hair look and also happily ever afters! Young hair stylists add size to the doll’s hair and then ‘cut’ it to develop a make over. Perform out a long hair account and afterwards alter that up to take out yet another!


  • Lengthen and ‘Reduce’ Barbie Unlimited Hair Empire Longest Locks Figurine’s Hair with


  • Styling this Barbie doll’s hair is actually a great deal enjoyable. Pair of featured wig connect into grains to make Barbie princess or queen toy’s lengthy hair a lot longer– then also a lot longer. Add one extension layer or even both to suit your style as well as your tale. When that’s time for a change, ‘reduce’ the hair at the beads making use of the exclusive scissors to clear away one or even both extensions as well as minimize the appeal.


  • Extras Add More Styling Exciting!


  • Even the score a lot more artistic along with the consisted of accessories. A comb, pair of enhanced add-ons and a tiara can easily add the excellent complements to a hairdo. Barbie doll awaits any kind of appearance as well as any type of account in an imperial ensemble. Bright different colors, ombré screening on the skirt as well as a glittery peplum suit any royal affair, and matching footwears are ready to walk in to any sort of empire and any type of story.


  • Never-ending Creative Look along with Barbie Doll!


  • Youthful stylists will certainly really love developing new looks for Barbie Countless Hair Kingdom Longest Locks Doll. There are unlimited stories to inform and also hairstyles to make. Stimulate creativity and also discover private type. Develop faraway empires and also start colorful journeys with a snap or a snip since along with Barbie, you could be everything!