Barbie Crystal Fantasy Collection Amethyst Doll (13-in, Platinum Hair) with Genuine Amethyst Stone Necklace, Wearing Gown and Accessories, Gift for Collectors

  • The Barbie Crystal Fantasy Collection features collectible dolls that are designed to show the beauty and unique energy of a rare stone.
  • The very first Barbie doll from the collection is ethereal in beauty as she represents the strength of the amethyst stone.
  • Barbie doll is dressed in a stunning dress made of chiffon in shades of purple and lavender, with a real amethyst necklace.
  • A crown that resembles amethyst crystals arranged in a clump is adorn her platinum ponytail that is upswept with delicate lavender highlights.
  • The crystal-inspired heels and bracelets with metallic laces make her look stunning.

It is the Barbie Crystal Fantasy Collection is created to reflect the distinctive quality and power of extraordinary stones. It is widely regarded as having healing and spiritual properties amethyst is brought to life when Barbie doll is wearing a stunning lavender chiffon dress, with a shimmering sash tied around her waist. She radiates pure energy thanks to an authentic amethyst stone necklace, crystal-inspired fragmented bracelets and stunning makeup. A crown that resembles gathered shards of amethyst decorates her slicked-back, platinum ponytail with delicate lavender highlights. It’s like splintered amethyst crystal-clear heels that are laced with metallic threads wind around her legs as she sway in dazzling luminosity. The packaging, which is inspired by amethyst with amethyst features and glowing lights creates a stunning display. Included is a doll stand as well as a certificate of Authenticity. Doll is not able to stand on her own. The color and the decorations could be different.