Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams Dorm Room Playset with 2 Beds, Couch, Bean Bag Chair, Bedroom Furniture, Décor & Accessories, For 3 to 7 Year Olds

  • This Barbie playset motivates a wide range of companionship stories with classy apartment furniture and embellishments roused by Barbie: Enormous City, Huge Dreams!
  • Organize and improve 2 beds, a couch, ‘bean sack’ seat, footrest, television stand and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, then, at that point, play out a typical day for Barbie from Brooklyn and Barbie from Malibu!
  • Set everything up with a background showing a perspective on the city and stylistic layout themed to every companion’s special style.
  • Themed narrating pieces incorporate popular stylistic layout, toss pads, a PC, book, water bottles, popcorn bowl, television remote, bites and 2 delicate covers.
  • With stylish stylistic theme, sensible subtleties thus numerous narrating pieces, children can reproduce their most loved onscreen minutes or envision their own enormous experiences!
  • With such countless open doors for innovative play, this Barbie: Huge City, Enormous Dreams Apartment playset makes an extraordinary gift for youngsters ages 3 years of age and up.

This Barbie: Huge City, Large Dreams playset transports minds to Barbie ‘Malibu’ and Barbie ‘Brooklyn’ dolls’ apartment to play out kinship stories with the rising stars! Children can set up the living space and orchestrate furniture, similar to two beds, a couch, ‘bean pack’ seat, footstool, toss cushions, Television and television stand. Then, at that point, play out a typical day for Barbie from Malibu and Barbie from Brooklyn with narrating embellishments like stylish stylistic layout, a PC, book, tidbits, covers and then some. A background piece with a perspective on the city lays everything out for a cool living space that is impeccably fit to the companions’ styles. With on-pattern Barbie apartment furniture thus numerous narrating pieces, kids ages 3 years of age and up can reproduce most loved Barbie: Enormous City, Huge Dreams minutes or cook up their own large experiences! Dolls sold independently. Tones and designs might differ.