Barbie Rewind 80s Edition Dolls’ Night Out Doll (11.5-in Brunette) in Party Look Featuring Neon Jacket, Skirt & Accessories, with Cassette Tape Doll Stand, Gift for Collectors

  • The Barbie Rewind series launches with the 80s Edition, a totally tubular throwback collection celebrating our favorite pop-culture trends from the decade.
  • Barbie doll’s official dress code for dance parties includes an neon coat, skirt that has wild ruffles, anklet socks made of fishnet and matching gloves.
  • A bountiful hairbow and hot pink bangles sparkling earrings, with white shoes completes the style.
  • Barbie doll is ready to rock your home with her own accessories like an cool keytar, boombox and microphone.
  • Retro Barbie hairbrush and iconic Superstar face design and bendable knees create the Barbie Rewind doll a quick collector’s favourite.
  • With the stand for a cassette tape doll and a VHS-themed box, Barbie Rewind doll makes the perfect present for Barbie fans and those who love everything 80s!
  • You can play Barbiecore fashion with these dolls that inspired the fashion.

The Barbie Rewind series launches with the 80s Edition, a totally tubular throwback collection that celebrates the best pop-culture trends of the decade. Set up your boombox for a fun dolls party! Barbie dolls’ authentic party outfit includes an outfit that is neon, including a jacket featuring wild ruffles, a fishnet anklet socks, and matching gloves that are fingerless. The look is completed with a hefty pair of earrings as well as hot pink bangles. huge hair, complete with a dramatic bow accessory. With a stunning keytar, boombox, and microphone, she’s ready make waves in the home. Retro Barbie hairbrush Superstar Face sculpting and flexible knees ensure that these Barbie Rewind doll an instant collector’s most loved! Retro VHS-themed packaging, as well as a cassette tape doll stand in readiness to be astonished in her display. The certificate of authenticity comes with the doll. Doll is not able to stand on its own. The colors and decorations can vary.